My Problem with Rose HATERS.

There are few things i’d like to get off my chest to the DW Fandom out there.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with not liking a companion. People have their own opinions about characters and i’m not trying to push my views on you. But Seriously.. WHEN YOU TAG YOUR HATE, you’re only asking for trouble. so now i’m going to say what i feel i need to say. To all of you Rose haters who are stereotyping us (saying that we need to let it go and move on already) How dare you. I personally, (and i know A LOT who think the same as me) love all of the doctor who companions. I cried when Donna’s memories were taken away. I was upset when Martha left. And i will cry (forever) when the ponds depart this series. i know how this show works. and i know that companions come and go. But what i can’t seem to understand is why Rose haters are hated only for having a favorite companion. I scroll down the Doctor Who tag daily and find people wanting Martha, or wanting Donna to come back. but nobody ever makes them feel “less than a fan” for wanting someone “who is gone” to come back. I only see this happening to Rose fans. and it’s not fair


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  4. kat-anni said: Yes, I completely agree there! I actually love all the companions, Rose is just the one that really stands out to me and I don’t understand people who blame us for this even though they have a fav themselves…. ._.
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